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Bulletproof Glass

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PAB(Protection-Against-Bullet) Series products are available of PAB 5GFU,
PAB 6GFU, PAB 8GFU, PAB 10GFU, PAB 12GFU, PAB 12GSU and Non-Slip
surface treatment is available on all kinds. Thickness/ Anti-bullet gun types
are respectively 13.6mm(38, 45 Caliber), 15.6mm(45 Caliber), 19.6mm(5.56mm),
23.6mm(5.56mm), 27.5mm(7.62mm) & 44.0mm(7.62mm).
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The conventional bulletproof glass was made by combining several sheets
of thick glasses, or combining PC(Polycarbonate) and glasses.
The bulletproof
glass made
by combining multiple layers of glasses like this was difficult to
install due to its heavy weight and thickness, especially the product installed
with PC caused many maintenance related problems because of discoloring or
degradation of penetration rate.
Our company’s bulletproofing glass is the
product combined with functional glass coated with nano diamond, penetration
proof film (MD Film), spliced film, and laminated protection film, by using the
principle of bullet of which revolving power will drop down rapidly when the
media or substance is different when it will penetrate.
Especially, our product is thinner by half than the conventional products, while
it has high performance of more than 1.7 times which will ensure clear vision,
and we guarantee its air-tightness, waterproofing, semi-permanent durability
with passed through salinity test performed by certified government institute.

As an innovative company we are constantly trying to develop more sophisticated products, our aim being the utmost benefit for our customers. We offer you both outstanding products and worldwide service and support.

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